Why Your Oklahoma Fescue Lawn Needs Aeration and Overseeding

Why Your Oklahoma Fescue Lawn Needs Aeration and Overseeding

Spring is in the air, and your lawn is greening up. It’s time to think about spring aeration and overseeding services.

Do you notice the part of your lawn that’s under shade? It’s probably fescue grass—a cool season grass that does well in shaded areas.

If you have thin patches in your yard, your fescue lawn needs aeration and overseeding services.

By the end of this blog, you’ll learn more about aeration and overseeding in the spring as well as in the fall. You also will learn how your local organic lawn service can help you with these chores.

A New Kind of Aeration

Typically when your lawn care company core aerates your lawn, they use a mechanical aerator to pull up small plugs of soil out of the ground.

However, now there’s SoilTech, a new liquid aeration product on the market that opens up the soil’s pores to allow more water into the ground. 

It’s all natural—making it safe for your children and pets to play in your yard after application.

And there are no messy plugs lining your lawn until they dissolve back into the ground. Instead, this new liquid aeration opens up your soil’s pores.

Also, it completely reduces soil compaction. In contrast, mechanical aeration can only relieve up to 5% compaction because of the tine’s diameter and spacing.

You can feel completely confident that SoilTech is the right choice for your lawn. It’s environmentally-friendly and biodegradable.

Why Fescue?

If you didn’t overseed your shaded areas with fescue in the fall, then you need to reseed those areas in the spring.

Turfgrass experts recommend fall and spring aeration and overseeding for all fescue lawns. And yet, some homeowners may not realize the importance of this lawn care practice.

Spring aeration also helps to reduce thatch and removes weed seedlings before they sprout. When your lawn care technician overseeds your lawn, the fescue will germinate before weeds can get a foothold.

So, spring is the second best time to engage these lawn care services. Your shaded bare patches will fill in making your lawn look full and thick by mid-spring.

How to Take Care of Your Newly Seeded Lawn

Your lawn service will leave behind instructions on how to take care of your new lawn. To help your overseeded yard, you’ll need to water it every day unless there’s rain in the forecast.

It’ll be a few weeks before you need to mow your newly seeded lawn. If you have a lot of overgrown shrubs and trees near it, you’ll want to prune them back to continue letting light into your yard.

You also want to invest in an organic lawn care program that includes fertilization, weed control, and soil conditioning to encourage healthy soils as well as promote a healthy lawn.

At Apple Valley Eco-Landscapes, we take an organic approach to lawn care. All of our lawn products are safe to use around your family and pets.

Plus, our products are designed to work with the soil to build up micro-organisms naturally. However, it takes some time to develop healthy soil and lawn grass.

But it’s worth the wait if you want to protect your local eco-system as well as desire a safe place for your kids and pets to play.

If you’re not ready to go fully organic, we do offer a hybrid program that still reduces the number of pesticides, fertilizers, and water you need to maintain a gorgeous lawn.

At Apple Valley, we use eco-friendly lawn mowers, handheld tools, and sprayers. Our equipment reduces noise, water, and soil pollution.


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Why You Need Organic Lawn Care for Your Oklahoma Property

Why You Need Organic Lawn Care for Your Oklahoma Property

So, you take great care of yourself as well as your family by exercising and healthy eating. And you want the same type of care when it comes to your lawn.

Or maybe you’re a property manager who already uses green practices inside your building. You now want to go green on your company’s lawns.

Organic lawn care focuses on rehabilitating and feeding the soil so that it can house healthy lawn grass. And it also benefits the environment by using fewer chemicals, water and fertilizers.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the benefits of organic lawn care and how a professional lawn service can deliver the results from using natural products—whether you’re a property manager for a commercial building or a homeowner who loves to be in your backyard.

Why You Need Organic Lawn Care

Organic lawn care focuses on the soil’s biological health and sustainability. When microbes, bacteria, earthworms and other living creatures underground are working at full capacity, the result is a healthy lawn.

There are many benefits to organic lawn products, such as:

  • It’s safer to use than traditional lawn fertilizers.
  • It’s a probiotic that has over 800 species of living, beneficial soil microbes, microbe food and nutrient enhancers to feed the soil.
  • This probiotic replenishes your soil so that you have the right ratio of creatures to create the perfect soil to house lawn grass.
  • When you use probiotics in your soil, your turfgrass will require less fertilizer by 50% and up to 75% less weed control and pesticides in your soil.
  • It helps your yard grass to better receive nutrients from the soil.
  • It increases soil health which also means a healthier, thicker lawn.
  • A thick lawn crowds out weeds, so you don’t have to use a lot of weed controls.
  • Organic lawn products help your yard grass’s root system to grow deep and develop strong root webs.
  • It builds up your lawn grass to better fight off grass diseases, destructive insects and drought stress.
  • It helps your lawn grass to absorb more moisture and nutrients from the soil.
  • It’s also safe to use around pets and people. Most of the time, you don’t need to wait until the application is dry to walk or play on your lawn.

Organic Lawn Care Works for All Properties

Both property managers and homeowners can enjoy a lawn that uses organic lawn products. If you’re a green business, and you want to keep that reputation extending to your outdoors, organic lawn care is for you too.

And if you’re a homeowner, you can take pride in your lawn due to its lush, dark green color and hardiness. And you find that you don’t need to irrigate or use the same amount of fertilizers as you used to apply to get this beautiful lawn.

It’s Time for Pre-Emergent Weed Control

In Oklahoma City and surrounding suburbs, it’s time to think about pre-emergent weed control. Crabgrass and other grassy weeds will start to sprout soon.

Both conventional and organic pre-emergent weed controls provide a barrier in the soil to prevent grassy weeds from developing a root system. So, the weed’s shoots will die off because they can’t uptake moisture and nutrition from the soil.

Organic weed control is 100% natural and safe to use in your yard. 

However, for faster results, you can choose a hybrid approach will work as well, allowing you to replace up to 50% of your traditional fertilizers and 75% of your concentrated pesticides.

Now’s the time to think about the pros and cons of organic lawn care. Your local Oklahoma City lawn service can provide you with a hybrid program that uses conventional weed controls while still using organic fertilizers. 

In this hybrid program, you’ll notice you’re using less water, fertilizer and weed control products to get the same, beautiful results.

If you’re ready for organic lawn care, or a hybrid version of it, you need us at Apple Valley Eco-Landscapes. Make your pre-emergent weed control appointment today by calling us at 405-531-9105 or by filling out our free estimate form.

At Apple Valley Eco-Landscapes, we serve the entire Oklahoma City and Edmond areas.