Life is Too Short to Mow Your Own Lawn

At Apple Valley Eco-Landscapes we offer residential and commercial lawn care maintenance services, including:

  • Mowing
  • Edging
  • Pruning
  • Season clean-ups

In addition to these routine lawn care services Apple Valley will provide:

  • Soil conditioning
  • Organic weed control programs
  • Organic fertilization programs
  • Turf aeration

 Call today and ask about our year-round customizable lawn care packages! 

We encourage Grasscycling practices. In other words, we don’t bag grass clippings. They can provide up to 25% of your lawn’s annual nutritional (nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous) needs, recycling nutrients back to the soil. Where clippings must be collected at customer’s request an extra fee will be charged for disposal.

Organic Lawn Care Program

Our organic program protects your property, people, and pets from chemicals, while creating beautiful lawns through natural, organic practices. This lawn care program is designed for customers who would like to enjoy a healthy lush green lawn without worrying about lawn chemicals. Over time our fertilizers and lack of pesticides will create a healthy soil colonized by millions of beneficial microorganisms that keep the turf healthy and green; “it is like putting Probiotics in your soil”.  The fertilizer also provides the proper nutrients to strengthen the root system of your lawn and increase the turf density. 

Our comprehensive program is soil test driven; we will test the soil initially to determine appropriate soil fertility and organic matter.

Primary goals of Apple Valley organic lawn care program are:

1. Maintain soil health

2. Eliminate the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers

3. Increase landscape diversity

4. Improve the health and well-being of the people and web of life in our care

Before considering our organic lawn care program you must be comfortable with the following:

1. Having some weed in your turf that might requires hand pulling or spot treatments.

2. Understanding that organic lawn care is not an overnight process. It can take some time depending on the state of your soil and turf.

If you are comfortable with both of these expectations, then our program is right for you.